Friday, May 10, 2013

Evo Takes a Licking & Keeps on Ticking

Talk about trudging on.  There is an Evo in the field that has seen some rather nasty abuse.  At CMP  it came through the very fast kink and went off driver's left.  Not sure if the driver tried to save it or what, but the grass was wet as it was the opening session.  The car came back across the track and went through the tire wall.  It sustained some minor body damage, but the rear diff oil pump was a different matter.  No worries, the team with some help from other One Lappers pulled the car together in time to run the afternoon.

The Evo post tire wall break through at CMP.

Unfortunately, CMP was not the last time the Evo would see a tire wall.  On the North Course at VIR it went off at the start of Hog Pen (turns 17a and 17b which lead on to the front straight).  The car went straight off and buried its nose in the tire wall, but not too far or enough to damage it beyond being able to continue.  In a way, no harm no foul other than a DNF and zero points for the session.  I will say though that the car's mishaps did help us move up to 17th other all.  Just sorry it had to happen that way, but also glad the team is able to continue.  Great works gents!

The Evo on grid this morning at Beaver Run.