Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day Five Wrap Up

Sorry for the late post on yesterday's results at the BMW Performance Center.  Robert thrashed the M3 around the tight circuit and finished 15th.  A great result as it moves us to 18th over all and maintains our third place position in class.

We arrived in Danville at a little past 9:00 pm and headed straight to Jake's on Main Street.  The wives were already there and waiting on our arrival.  Jake's normally closes at 9 pm on weekdays, but Woody's friend Roslyn convinced the owners, Jake and Connie, to keep the restaurant open.  We had discovered this wonderful little restaurant back in March while attending the NASA Mid-Atlantic March Madness event.


We had a wonderful dinner and too many laughs to count.  It was really nice to have our significant others with us and I can't thank my wife enough for coming down from Arlington, VA.  She also brought Dick Clark's wife, Jan and Woody's friend Roslyn with her last evening.  So again....thanks Suzie.....hugs and kisses.  Miss you.

Robert and I were back at the motel by 10:30 and hitting the hay by 11:00.  Thursday is VIR!

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