Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day Two Wrap Up

Talladega Grand Prix Raceway and day two of the 2013 Tire Rack One Lap of America is complete.  It has been a great day and we hope to continue the momentum tomorrow at NOLA Motorsports Park.

Robert drove the 1.4 mile TGR this afternoon for the very first time and placed 28th fastest (this is pending as the number one/winning car for the afternoon was listed as having run three laps in 33 + seconds - no way).  Our assumption is that Robert was actually 27th.  The effort was also good enough to move us up two more spots to 26th (again, this is pending as the aforementioned car may drop out placing us in a tie for 25th).

Bobby G is slightly frustrated in the time, but everyone was running slower times in the afternoon (on average 2 seconds over three laps) as compared to the morning as the sun was out and the track surface was heating up - heat equals more slipping and sliding.  It's only day two - great job Robert!

We packed up the car and headed to Steele, AL for the bracket drag racing portion of the program.  All day, 97% of the OLOA competitor's wished it would rain so the drag races were cancelled.  The 3% of the field that wanted to do the drag racing was Neil Simon, Dick Clark, and Liam Dwyer.  Well, today the 97% had their wish granted.  As we made our way 50 miles north from Talladega, it started to rain - harder and harder.  Pulling in to the Alabama International Drag Strip, the rain had let up, but only briefly.  Within 10 minutes the rain had returned in force and the event was cancelled.  We jumped back in the cars and headed toward New Orleans.

Along the way, we stopped and had a decent dinner with friends (12 of us) at the Outback in Meridian, Mississippi.  We did not rest too long as we had another 200 plus miles to our final destination.  I am happy to say we made it safely as I am writing this from our motel room.  A motel and room that might as well be the Ritz as compared to last night's hole.  I did see Robert scratching and digging at certain body areas though for most of the day.  He must not have used the shower mold as directed?

The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 75 degrees.  Sounds like a great day is in the works.  We hope our driving can

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R - did you nod off in the middle of your posting?? Bring home a trophy but do NOT bring home bedbugs!! - S