Sunday, May 5, 2013

Talladega Results - Morning Session

Results are in.....posted a total time for three laps of 3.26.54.  Good enough for 21st fastest.  It moved us up 10 spots to 28th over all.  Liam Dwyer in the 302 Boss Mustang was 20th with an elapsed total time of 3.26.37.  The Panamera which is our class was another 2 tenths of a second in front of Liam for 19th.  That is less that half a second between three places in three laps on a 1.4 mile track.  WOW!

We are 4th in class.  Beating the well prepared Mercedes C63 feels good for now.  Tomorrow may be a different story as New Orleans favors the bigger horse power cars.

Bobby G will drive this afternoon and for now the weather is holding off which hopefully means another dry track.  Robert will be going up against Brian Hair in Liam's Boss.  Will be fun to watch!

Neil had a mistake at the beginning by passing a red flag at the start/finish line and it cost him 10 seconds in penalties.  It placed him in 40th for the session.  Sans mistake, he would have finished 28th. Neil and Woody now sit in 36th over all.

More this afternoon.

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