Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Potential New Low

We arrived at our motel in Oxford, AL at approximately 10:45 pm local time last evening.  We had driven a fair amount of the 600 miles in heavy to moderate rain.  The Z2's were okay at lower speeds (65-70 MPH), but there were a few moments at 75 or higher that caused pause.

In route to our motel, we passed by Talladega Speedway.  What a scene!  NASCAR is at Talladega this weekend and the field outside the track that is directly adjacent I-20 was a mile long PARTY.  OH MY!  We were wondering where the nude mud mosh pit could be found.

Pulling in to the Liberty Inn parking lot, I looked over at Robert and declared, this is a One Lap motel if I have ever seen one.  After checking in and unloading the car of valuables, we entered what was no doubt the bowels of some nasty beast.  We could do nothing but laugh.  I exclaimed that we have reached a new low in accommodations - certainly ranks in the top or bottom three depending on your view.

Looking over the shower facilities more closely, we noted a fine moss colored furry mold growing on the walls.  We figured that would not be a problem in the morning as it would kill the bed bug critters we were sure to wake up with.  I will say that neither of us thought about it very long as we were tired and the alarm was set for 5:15 am.

As of this post, I have driven the first session at Talladega Grand Prix.  A short track and a hoot to drive.  Results to follow later.

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