Friday, May 10, 2013

Day Seven Wrap Up

Pittsburg International Race Complex is in our rear view mirrors and a fading memory.  We had a another good day at this track as we did nothing to hurt us.  We brought the car out of the serious competition events shiny side up and undented.  I ran the afternoon in dry track conditions and finished 22nd fastest. With the effort we maintained our 17th over all position in the standings and we locked up third in the luxury sedan class.  That is a one, two, three finish for the BMW marque in luxury sedan in the 2013 Tire Rack One Lap of America.  Where's our check BMW NA?

After leaving the track a large group of us headed to Fat Head Brewery in North Omsted, OH.  If you ever find yourself in the area and want a great selection of hand crafted beers and some good food, stop by.  The atmosphere is also fun and the wait staff attentive.  Thanks Dick Clark and Woody Hair for finding a wonderful spot to sit and rest for an hour before continuing on to South Bend.

Currently, we are 50 miles from South Bend - we can smell the barn from here.  The weather has turned decidedly cold and nasty.  It's 49 degrees according to the car temp gauge and misting!  It could be a nasty day on what is supposed to be the final event - dry skid pad.  Just in case you are wondering, rain or shine, we run the skid pad.  May be Robert can place better than 45th this time - jeez Bobby G....really, 45th is the best you could do a week ago?  May be we should go by the Tire Rack tonight and get some practice in - ROBERT?!

We are both excited to have clawed our way back to a top 20 finish over all which was a goal.  Finishing third in class frankly was a surprise as we thought we'd be duking it out for 4th.  We beat Woody and Neil in the over all - check.  The car is fine - check.  We had a ton of fun and too many laughs to count between ourselves and our One Lap friends.  In every way a fantastic adventure.

More tomorrow as we are both very tired and I have caught some nasty cold with a wicked cough.  Some drugs may be in order this evening while watching the CAPS game.

From left to right - Woody Hair, Robert Grace, & Ben Schaut

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