Thursday, May 9, 2013

VIR North and Full Course Results

I suited up for the North Course event.  Second session of the day.  North Course is just what it says....uses a good portion of the full course and is 2.26 miles.  I ran 18th fastest over all and also beat the 4th place Porsche Panamera in our class which was our main goal today.  So far we are two for two against the Porsche and putting a small gap between us and them in an effort to secure third place in the Luxury Sedan class.

After a fine lunch brought to us by Robert's parents, Seth and Julie, and his younger sister Diana we say around the paddock set up and chatted about the morning results.  Thanks Grace family for coming down and just being there.

Next came a photo shoot for all BMW's entered in the event at the bridge straight.

Robert was scheduled to drive the afternoon session which is the Full Course - 3.27 miles of track fun.  He again did a splendid job and finished 10th over all.  The BMW M6 driven by Mike Renner was 11th and the supercharged BMW M3 was 12th.  That placed Bobby G's time as fastest in class.  WOW!  The Panamera was 4th fastest in class.

Today's effort put a gap of 45 points between us and the Porsche.  We are way out of contention for 2nd in class, but we knew going in it would be tough to compete with the two other BMW's.  We remain 17th in the standings over all.

All in all an absolutely fantastic day.  We need to solidify our lead over the Panamera tomorrow at Pittsburg International Race Complex in Wampum, PA.  As I write this, we are north bound with 375 miles to go.  Current arrival time per the GPS is 9:30, but with stops my guess is more like 10.

Thanks again to everyone who came to see us at VIR!!!!

Thanks Suze!!!!!


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