Friday, May 10, 2013

Beaver Run Morning Results

The track was wet this morning, but drying.  Robert drove and we purposely set up the run group so that all four luxury sedans were together not giving anyone an unfair advantage in later run groups.

Robert ran 24th fastest.  He ran fourth fastest in class, but still ahead of the Porsche, so we increased our lead by another five points.  If we keep the shiny side up this afternoon, we should have no problem finishing third in the luxury sedan class.  Way to go Robert!!!!!

The fight for the luxury sedan win though is on full scale though between Mike Renner in the BMW M6 and the Schauts in the super-charged E90 M3.  They are currently tied for first with two events remaining (Beaver Run this afternoon and dry skid pad tomorrow at the Tire Rack).  The Schauts currently hold a small (3 seconds) over all cumulative time lead over Renner.  This is important as it is the tie breaker should they split the last two events.

Stay tuned! 

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