Thursday, May 9, 2013

1M Woes

Quick story on Woody and Neil in Neil's BMW 1M.  Woody did very well on both the south and north course events this morning.  Just what they needed to do.  While preparing the car for the BMW photo opportunity, Neil noticed a small amount of oil under the right front half of the car.  After doing so more digging it was discovered that the oil cooler hose fitting was leaking.  Nothing huge, but certainly an issue to be looked at and dealt with if possible.

Neil jumped in with both feet as did Woody and Dan Schaut.  Within 30 minutes they had completed what was thought to be a successful repair.  The full course event was gridding up and upon taking the car to grid, Neil noticed the leak had become even bigger.  There was no way to run the car.

Neil made arrangements for a flat tow to a shop near VIR (actually on the grounds).  Last report was that the front bumper was off and that the culprit was a bad o-ring.  Hopefully Neil and Woody are back on the road soon.

Triage on the 1M

The 1M getting a lift.

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