Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Four Wrap Up

Please excuse typo's as we are currently headed north on I-95 in South Carolina toward I-26 and eventually Kershaw, SC at a rather rapid rate of speed on what must certainly be the worst stretch of highway in all of the lower 48.  I am not behind the wheel obviously so it's not my hide or $$$'s if pulled over by an unfriendly.  The radar detector has also just gone haywire so Robert is driving a bit exposed.  It will be an early night though as we are due in at 10:30 pm - a great deal earlier than the 2:30 am this morning!

So the results.  We had a good day.  Robert drove this morning and was 18th.  I drove, if that is what you want to call it, and placed 26th.  Our combined effort took us to 24th over all in the standings.  We are still hoping to reach our goal of top 20 over all.  There is some seriously tough competition though and there are a string of much faster cars and extremely competent drivers in front of us.  This is my 7th One Lap, and I have never seen a tougher field.

We are 4th in class and are now behind the third place Porsche Panamera S by 15 points.  We really need to pedal hard tomorrow at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) and the BMW Performance Center if we want to stay in touch with them.

Woody and Neil in the heavily modified BMW 1M also had a good day and have moved up to 35th over all and are only 20 points behind first place car in their class.  The two seniors can still hustle a car around a track.

We left Daytona International slightly later than expected as there were two small incidents within one run group.  I sat on grid, being in the next run group on track, for a delay of 30 minutes give or take.  The next stop was Grassroots Motorsports offices in Daytona for a sticker stop.  The only requirement is to stop and get your sticker or skip it and lose 50 points.  We can't afford to lose points.

Next stop was Critz BMW where the dealership had arranged a small gathering of BMW enthusiasts to see the One Lap cars.  I thought it would be fun as those of you have followed this blog over the past few years will remember the story of how Critz replaced the oil cooler on the E92 M3 after I shoved an armadillo through it at 80 miles an hour.

For today....goodnight.

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