Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day One Results

Robert drove the wet skid pad test this morning.  Tire Rack went through some effort to fix whatever was ailing the sprinkler system supplying the "wet".  This is my 7th One Lap and I have never seen so much water on the skid pad.  Neither has Robert.  He was conservative and it cost him time.  The effort placed us 45th of 61 cars starting.  Not great, but not terrible either.  We have a long way to go and it's only day one.

Side note - I am still convinced that the best all around tire for this event is the Michelin Super Pilot Sports.  While the Michelin's may not be up to other dry weather tires such as the Dunlop Z2's, the Z2's are no match for the Michelin's in the wet - at least heavy wet.

We departed South Bend around 9:45 am and headed south to Grissom AFB - approximately 85 miles due south.  The SCCA was setting up the autocross and running the event.  We arrived at Grissom at approximately 11:20.  Woody Hair and I took a quick walk of the course.  It was going to be fast!  I was also happy there were no "tricks".  I hate that stuff!

The entire field runs through 3 times.  You take your best time.  My third time through the time trap was my best with a 59.783.  It was good enough for 27th over all.  It was also good enough to beat Woody!  I gloat only because beating Woody in an autocross never happens.  The effort brought us up to 38th over all in the standings.  We'll keep clawing our way up the board.  We are only five positions behind Neil and Woody who are in 33rd.  Remember, we need to beat those two old hags.

There are four other cars in our class.  Another E90 M3 with a super charger and aero goodies, a C63 Mercedes, the new BMW M6 in stock form, and a Porsche Panamera.  As of today we are all tied for first with 30 points each.  This should be fun.

It is roughly 5 pm and we are just north of Louisville, KY.  The GPS has us arriving in Oxford, AL at 11 pm which is very optimistic.  I will sign off for now, but will post pics and some autocross video later this evening.


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