Thursday, May 3, 2012

South Bend Arrival

The 2012 One Lap of America adventure has at last commenced.  After watching the Washington Capitals lose a heartbreaker this morning, I was able to snag a few hours sleep before awaking at 6 am to finish up packing for our 9 am departure.

Car packed and the cats fed, I pull out of the drive and head to the appointed jump off point - Woody Hair's abode.  As I start the car and slowly depart there's an obvious void.  For the first time in 6 years, Suze (my better half) is not there to see me off.  Her job has whisked her away to New York.  All understandable, but nonetheless a bit sad.

My arrival at Woody's is greeted with warm smiles from Neil, Rafael, and the old man himself.  Some brief trash talk is followed by transferring Rafael's gear to the M3.  Some more trash talk and it is finally time to move on toward South Bend.

The drive is uneventful and we arrive in South Bend at 7:30.  A few quick hellos to old friends in the motel parking lot and a beer or two are downed before heading out for a quick dinner.  It has been a long day and Rafael and I are tired, so will sign off for tonight.  Tomorrow is registration and tech inspection.

Cheers....and good night from South Bend, IN!!!!

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