Sunday, May 13, 2012

OLOA 2012 Wrap Up

A day has passed without an update and it is now Sunday, May 13th.  Happy mother's day mom!!!!  After a nice lunch at the Tire Rack, we drove the last 609 miles to home arriving in Arlington at 11:30 pm.

The last remaining event for the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America was the dry skid pad.  I was driving this event.  Last year, we had finished 14th in this event and had pulled over 1g.  This year turned out a little different and unfortunately not as well.  It was cooler than last year and the track surface was cool as there was significant cloud cover.

The order of running the dry skid pad and final event is from the back of the pack to the front runners.  That means we would be on the skid pad with only 17 cars left after our run.  Time passed quickly enough and before you can say BOOOO, I was running in circles - purposely.  The results posted soon enough and were disappointing with a 29th place (.961g's) - a three way tie to be exact with a Porsche and another BMW.  The effort did keep us in 18th place overall and 15th of 25 in class.

The M3 on the Dry Skid Pad

All in all, we were extremely happy with the entire week!!!  We set out with a few simple goals - one to have fun, bring the car home in one piece, finish in the top 20 overall, and beat Neil and Woody in the overall (we are not in their class).  We can check the box on all four categories.

The car ran perfectly and was very comfortable on the transits.  The weather was absolutely beautiful all week - low to mid 70's with bright sunny skies.  We ran in to rain on only one transit.  We also did not collect any critters in the grill as we did last year with the armadillo in Georgia.  That doesn't mean we did not see any critters - raccoon and deer to name a few - but I'll chalk up their hesitancy to jump in front of the car to those voices in their pea sized brains, saying "having my head shoved through my backside by a 3,500 pound vehicle doing 80 MPH must really hurt".

On a down note, I did receive a $167 speeding ticket in Kansas.  While the officer was writing my ticket I kept thinking a little wooden house would suddenly and mysteriously fall from the sky and crush his car.  I suppose that only happens in the movies or when those flying monkey's fly out of my derriere.

I can't wait until next year.  Brock has promised us some great tracks as it will be the 30th anniversary of the event.  As for this event, this is the wrap up.  It is great to be home, resting, and most of all being with my wife, Suze.  Thanks again Suze for putting up with this crazy urge in me to run off around the country for a week.  It is all for a great cause and I know Tom Holcomb would be proud.  Wish you were here Tom!!!

Until next year....cheers!!!!!

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