Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Three - Results

Hallet has been left in our review mirror.  Our current position is somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma headed north on I-35 toward Wichita Kansas.  (old news......I dread entering Kansas again after last evening.  Both Neil and I were behind the wheel in our respective cars and were cited for speeding.  I was clocked at 14 MPH over and Neil 21 MPH over.  Our Kansas State Trooper was extremely pleasant and efficient.  End of story.)  The final resting place for the evening will be Byers Colorado - approximately 60 miles east of Denver.  Total miles today is a tick over 600.  Arrival time on the GPS indicates 12:27 am.  We'll be later than that time with gas, personal breaks, and food stops.  Not sure, but we may actually pick up an hour due to moving in to the Mountain Time zone?!  Tomorrow's track adventure is High Plains.  A new venue for both Rafael and me.

The results for the afternoon session are in.  Rafael placed 38th.  We moved down a few spots to 20th overall.  We have known for a few days this drop in overall places would occur as two teams with hot shoes had mistakes in the first day that put them way behind.  It was only a matter of time.  We are quite pleased with our effort and position.   The track is very technical and I had a huge advantage on Rafael as this was my 3rd time at the Hallet Motor Racing Circuit with the One Lap of America.

That said, we continue to stay ahead of Neil and Woody who are 33rd overall.  Team M Dorphn is now first in class though as their main competition had mechanical issues in transit last night and took a DNF (did not finish) for the morning session.  Those big fat zero's are never good on a points score card.

One very small gloat though (sorry Neil) - while Neil stepped up his game this afternoon after driving this morning, he still did not best my session time.  Close, but no cigar.  I was a little giddy at this as I have never had a faster time than Neil in previous One Laps.

I am going to sign off for the evening.  We'll get some more videos posted.  We have a great evening of entertainment planned as Sirius XM Radio will be carrying the Caps/Rangers game from The Garden.

C-A-P-S.....CAPS, CAPS, CAPS!!!!!!

The M3 at Turn 9

The 1M at Turn 9

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