Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day Five - Hastings Nebraska

Okay...will make this quick.  Rafael drove this morning and kicked butt taking 21st overall in the session with a 5:09.  Good enough to keep us squarely in 20th overall.  Way to go Rafael!

I drove the afternoon and while I was slower than Rafael by one second with a 5:10 total elapsed time for three laps, I finished 19th overall for the session.  It maintains our position.  Most teams times were slower as the track surface had heated up.

We are still awaiting the autocross results from Rafael's runs, but from what little bit we saw his times were very good.  It could help us in the overall as we are only 5 points (one session "place") out of 19th.

We are currently headed for Brainerd Minnesota.  A leg of 606 miles.  We pulled out of the paddock at will be a late one tonight.  We have good weather ahead though and the Caps game to listen to.

Tales of Attrition:

There was a freak accident in the autocross.  Appears a Mustang had power oversteer and the car could not be collected in time.  The car hit a partial guard rail assembly very hard on the driver's side.  Thankfully the driver is fine, but the car is done.

The Mustang - with door still latched

The number 6 Mitsubitshi blew a motor and is finished.

The factory supported Honda Oddesey is slowly unraveling.  The exhaust system went this morning, but they may be able to repair it.  Yesterday they lost 4th gear and today they appear to have lost 3rd.

All for now!!!!

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