Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day Four Wrap Up

It has been an easy drive from Byer Colorado to Hastings Nebraska - a short jaunt of 375 miles.  Along the way we were able to have a full sit down dinner of pizza and a beer at the Thunderhead Brew Pub in Kearney Nebraska.  If you are ever in Kearney, stop in as the pizza was very good.

I wanted to finish with a wrap up of our day.  I drove the morning session and there is a correction to be made.  Due to a scoring error, I actually placed 21st and not 22nd.  The adjusted result had no impact on our overall position and we remained in 20th.

On track at High Plains

After lunch, it was Rafael's turn for a spin around the track.  He looked good from my vantage point and in roughly six and a half minutes his three hot laps were over.  Rafael also had a grin on his face after extracting himself from the car.  And well he should as when the results were posted he too had finished 21st fastest for the afternoon session.  Rafael's total elapsed time was 6:34.8 versus mine from the morning at 6:33.2.  Just a hair over a second for three laps and six plus minutes of run time.  That's close!

Rafael on grid

Woody picked up his game significantly in the afternoon after what was, by his account, an admittedly slow performance in the morning.  His morning session elapsed time was a 6:43 as compared to the afternoon at 6:35 (just a second behind Rafael).  Where did that place Woody in the session - 25th.  Incredible that 4 positions are separated by one second over a six and a half minute total time.

Woody in action

Rafael's effort keeps us in 20th overall and 11 places in front of Neil and Woody.  The two old geezers are still in a tight battle for their class, which they currently lead.  We're pulling for them, but the close competition is fun to watch.

Tomorrow we are at Hastings Motorsports Park.  From a quick review of the track map, it could be another fun day.  Our understanding is the track is as flat as a pool table.  That will be quite the difference as compared to High Plains.  There are two sessions again tomorrow which we will split, but there is also an autocross which Rafael will tackle.  He is an excellent autocross wheel man, so hopefully we can pick up a spot in the overall.

For now from Hastings Nebraska - good night!!!!

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MAV said...

Keep up the Good Work!
We are pulling for you!
Vicariously loving the adventure!
Rock on Garth! (and Rafael!)