Saturday, May 5, 2012

Great Start!!!!

Results for the wet skid pad and oval time trial at South Bend Speedway in Plymouth, IN are not posted as yet, but we are feeling fairly good about the effort.  Rafael drove the wet skid pad tossing up an .81 lateral G average.  As we were the 17th car on the pad it is hard to determine where we ended up.  Time will tell.  I believe we did beat Neil and Woody though.

After a quick wipe down of the car and packing our gear we headed down the road a whopping 6 miles to Plymouth and the 1/4 mile oval.  Car is unpacked and Rafael and I conduct a track walk.  The pavement is old and breaking up which should make for some fun.  Rafael was hand picked by the team leader to drive the oval as well.  At two cars per session and 3/4 of a mile it does not take long to get on track.  We paired up with Neil for some comfort.  I watched from the stands and Rafael had the car slipping just enough, but very much in control.  He seemed to be catching Neil too.  Way to go Rafael!

We'll post results as soon as they become available along with some video of both wet skid pad and South Bend Speedway.  For now we are in route to Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.  I will be driving at Autobahn.  From there we have 452 miles to Pacific Junction, IA.

Caps game starts soon, so switching off for now.  GO CAPS!!!!!!!

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