Friday, May 11, 2012

Day Seven Wrap Up

Road America is long behind us.  We are approximately 54 miles from South Bend and moving along at a healthy pace.  The taste of an ice cold beer is sounding quite good.

Results for the afternoon session at Road America were not what I had hoped for finishing 26th fastest.  It was the first time ever driving the course and there had been an incident or two in the morning that gave one pause.  Not using an excuse, but with one event left, this is no time to ball up or hurt the car.  The M3 has performed perfectly and represented the badge well.  She deserves to be taken care of in fine fashion.

My performance dropped us one spot in the overall to 18th.  We have a good lead in that category and can hold on or better yet even possibly move up as only 40 points separate us from 15th place!!  One never knows what can happen.  Case in point......

David Chow of FourSevens and his co-driver Nathan Sumner did not add fuel this morning to their super-charged BMW E90 M3.  In the morning session, Nathan ran out of fuel on the last lap a mile from the finish and took a DNF.  Team FourSevens was holding on to 9th overall and first in class in Luxury Sedan.  The DNF took them out of the top ten and tied for the class lead.  It would come down to the afternoon session to see which team, Chow/Sumner versus Dan & Ben Schaut, would come out on top.   As a side note, the Schaut's are also competing in a BMW E90 super-charged M3. Unfortunately, the lack of fuel may have caused greater problems than originally considered.  It may have leaned out the motor due to fuel starvation.  In any case the car did not sound or run well in the afternoon.  The win went easily to Ben and Dan giving them a 15 point lead in class over FourSevens and moved them to the top 10 overall.  Well done boys from the dairy capital of the USA.

We are only 13 miles from South Bend, so for now good night.  More tomorrow on our final event, the dry skid pad, which I will be driving.


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