Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day Two Results

Mid-America Motorplex (MAM).  This is a sweet little 2.0 mile track in Pacific Junction, IA.  I don't know much about the history of the track, but it was only built in 2002 so there are not many skeletons in its closet.

The town the track is located in is aptly named though.  For you history buffs (I certainly don't claim to be one) the area was the jump off point for the transcontinental rail line headed west.  Back in mid 1800's the powers that be decided it might be a good idea to link the east and west coasts of our young nation.  The question was which route to choose?  North or South?  Up until this time all rail traffic stopped at a north south line that was essentially the western Iowa state line.  After that west bound travel was by stagecoach or wagon trains.

Any way, the northern route was eventual chosen and the original departure point to the west would be Council Bluffs, IA.  The rail line would run along the Platte River, etc., etc.  Today, there are several rail lines that run through the area with Pacific Junction being one of them.  My estimate for today was a freight train every 30 minutes or so.  Commerce in action (had to get that line in for my wife).

Enough of that bull crap!!!!  The track was constructed on a piece of land that I am convinced a farmer gave away for free. It was only good for growing aquatic species - lilly pads, reed grass, etc. and what the hell do you do with those in Iowa??  My understanding was the track was closed most of 2011 and re-opened in November last year.  Why?  Because it was under two feet of water!  What was it doing this morning?  Raining!  We awoke to a large thunder storm, wind, and rain.  Yippie.  That which is already sinking is taking on more water.

We had decided I would drive the first session the night before.  Our plan for the week was that if the weather would or could benefit one session or another than we would flip a coin, winner picks his run session.  Although the weather was not great I still chose the first session.  As it turned out the rain had stopped, the stiff breeze was helping dry the track as were the early cars completing their sessions.  I went out in the 5th group of competitors.  While the track was not completely dry and there was a puddle or two remaining, there was plenty of grip.

The session was relatively uneventful, only a bobble or two.  It was over in five and a half minutes (5:36+).  Three laps - done.  The effort was good enough for 24th place.  It dropped us to 16th overall.

Lunch was consumed and it was time for Rafael to take his turn at the wheel.  The track was now dry and no puddles - yummy!  Rafael did great and posted a time of 5:33+.  It was good enough for 30th in the session.  It only dropped us one additional spot in the overall to 17th.  Great job Rafael!!!

RG in action at MAM

In the head to head competition - Rafael 1, Robin 0.

Will wrap up for now as we are somewhere in Kansas headed for Hallet, OK.  We are on a two lane road for the rest of our 200 mile journey this evening and I'd like to help Rafael watch for critters.

Cheers and good  night!

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