Tuesday, May 8, 2012

High Plains Raceway - Byers, CO

After a 600 + mile transit from Hallet, a disappointing Capitals loss, and a little bit of rain, we arrived in Byers Colorado at 11:15 pm local time.  Our motel (The Longhorn) was not as bad as we had been led to believe.  It was far from the Ritz, but it served us well.  Lights out were at midnight with a 6 am wake up call.  Six hours of glorious sleep.

High Plains Raceway is appropriately named.  The track is approximately 40 miles due east of Denver.  It sits in the middle of the great plains at the elevation above sea level of essentially Denver - 5,000 + feet.  Nothing but wheat fields, cattle, and the occasional grazing bison in view.  The track is new and has only been in existence for 3 or 4 years.  The land was purchased and the track constructed with private money.  And what a track!  15 turns and 70 feet of greatest elevation change - total elevation change in a lap is 250 feet.  Several blind turns, fast sweepers, and a long straight.  Yehaw.......

We arrived at the track as planned, unpacked the car, and started our track walk.  As neither of us had driven here, it helps to walk the track and get a lay of the land.  Videos and track maps don't quite cut it.  As we started our walk my good friend and former One Lap partner Dick Radawicz from the Denver area arrived.  Dick is a track junkie and has spent some time on High Plains.  It was good having him along for the input and just to see him.  After finishing our walk, we had the pleasure of having more input from another One Lapper - Mike Pederson.  I met Mike in the 2007 One Lap that Dick and I did together.  Between Dick and Mike we received great information and some local knowledge of the track.  Thanks gents - it definitely helped!

I gridded up and was on track by 10:00 am.  Did I say what a track?  It was so fun.  I am still smiling from ear to ear.  Anyway, the results were posted and I was 22nd fastest.  I was a little disappointed as I thought I may have been better, but no.  Oh well.  It was good enough to maintain our overall position of 20th.  We are still in the lead overall against Woody and Neil.

After my run, it was fun to sit in the stands and watch a number of the teams miss a turn and drive off in to the dust field (no harm!!).

Rafael drove this afternoon, but those results have yet to be posted.  We are currently in route to Hastings Nebraska - a short 375 mile leg.  GPS arrival time is 8:40, but we'll lose an hour moving in to central time.

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