Sunday, May 6, 2012

Attack of the Killer Beanie Babies

We were awoken this am at approximately 4:30 with a large clap of thunder.  I thought in fact that a train had derailed as the entire motel shook.  Nope, just a another violent storm here in the midwest.

6 am comes and we are up and getting ready for the day.  First stop is the little cafe next door for a good breakfast.  The service may be a bit slow as we are convinced the short hand cook must have one leg and arm, but the chow is tasty and plentiful.  Woody and Neil are already there, so we grab a table with them.

Sitting down I peer out the window and an E36 M3 from Wisconsin is pulling in the lot.  I note the time as 6:40.  The assumption is they are arriving from another motel somewhere north near Council Bluffs, IA.  Far from it as it turns out.  As the three man team takes their seats, we are regaled with a another only on the One Lap of America does this happen type story.

Our boys from Wisconsin (Dave Andrews, Curt Andrews, and Keith Enstrom) begin their tale.  It seems as they were grabbing lunch before the Autobahn event, a woman enters the burger joint and shyly asks - "who owns the white race car in the parking lot?"  Dave cautiously raises his hand.  Upon arriving at the car the reason for the question becomes readily apparent.  The woman drives a large SUV and has backed in to the front of the M3.  According to her though, it is not her fault as the back of her SUV is carrying cargo which did not allow her to see while backing up.  Ouch!!!!

Anyway, cops arrive and reports are filled out.  The team makes it back to Autobahn and run the car.  As there is damage to the radiator, they must be careful not to blow a head gasket with overheating.  They will fix the problem after the event.  How?  Dave calls his wife in Elkhart Lake, WI and provides her with the parts to find out in the barn.  She does and then drives them to the team near Joliet, IL.  Now that is love!!!!

While Dave's wife drives to Joliet, the team starts disassembling the car and await the transplant parts.  Parts arrive and the boys have the car buttoned up by 11:45 pm or so.  It's now a 6.5 hour dash to Pacific Junction.  That's right, the team is just arriving having started their west bound journey at midnight.  They are in good spirits and happy to be here, although a little tired.  We're glad they are still along too.

Oh....and the woman's "cargo"?  Boxes full of fury little stuffed toys.  The SUV was delivering them to the pub next door as give aways to support handicapped children.  Attack of the Killer Beanie Babies will be coming to a theater near you soon.

More later......

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! Only on the One Lap...Keep the stories coming!