Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tire Rack - Day Nine

It was exactly 11:00 pm Friday night when I pulled in the driveway in Arlington, VA - home.  It was so good to be home and to see Suze again.  I was exhausted and within 20 minutes I was in bed and sound asleep.  The alarm was set for 6:30 am so we could return the rental car to National Airport and then head south to Richmond for a morning of indoor carting (that's right, more racing) and then the late afternoon nuptials joining Jon and Katie.

Brian is back in South Bend holding up the driving duties.  It is early afternoon before I finally speak to him.  The results are final and Brian has beaten the M Coupe in the dry skid test pulling 0.984 G's.  It is good enough for 11th best while the M Coupe comes in 16th.  The dry skid pad win seals the first in class victory by 10 points.  Woody and Neil are second in the class with the Porsche Cayman a distant third.  The 335i finishes 14th overall with the M Coupe in 16th overall position.  It is a great result for both teams.  And way to go "B"!!!!!!!

This was one of the best One Laps.  The back and forth between us and Woody and Neil was simply fantastic.  Toward the end it did not matter where we would finish as the competition was all the fun.  That said, I know full well that Neil and Woody will be gunning for us again next year and vice a versa.  I can't wait!

Thanks Woody, Neil, and especially Brian for a great week.  Would not have missed it for the world.

For now, I will say goodnight.  More to follow on stats of the One Lap and other news.


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