Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gateway International Raceway - Day Five (Part Three)

OK, OK so I am a few hours behind.  I decided to take the night off from blogging.  I did most of the driving in last nights leg anyway from St. Louis to Lexington, OH and Mid-Ohio.  So what are the standings post afternoon session at Gateway?

Brian ran 2 seconds slower in the afternoon than in the morning.  He had a small mis-shift in attempting to down shift to third (actually going to fifth) that may have cost him the time.   Other teams also picked up their games as did Woody.  Brian's run was good enough to post a 14th fastest time and Woody remained 19th fastest overall.  Still very good on both counts considering the roval favors the high horsepower monsters.

As far as the overall standings, we were able to move up to 14th, now just one slot behind Woody and Neil.  In class (SSGT1 Small Bore), we are tied.  Great work Brian!!!!!  Tomorrow will be another test and Brian is scheduled to complete the appointed chores.

After our runs, we packed up and hit the road at 1:45ish CST.  We had a 500 mile drive to Ohio and we did not want another late night, especially considering we were to lose an hour crossing back in to EST.  Before leaving, we exchange cell numbers with Steve McGuire of United BMW in Roswell, GA and make tentative plans for dinner in Indy.

The weather is still great and we keep our fingers crossed it remains that way the rest of the week.  It feels great to be headed east and not have to fight the setting sun.  Just as we approach Indianapolis we note Dan Corcoran in his Vette (long time One Lapper, very fast and currently sitting 4th overall) and Danny Popp exiting a rest area.  Everything seems to be normal.  It is only after  a mile that we see Danny pull to the breakdown lane rather quickly.  As we are in front of him we cannot stop to provide assistance.  What we do not see is Dan C pulling over as well.

We continued on and met up with the BMW Performance Center team at an Outback just east of Indy.  I felt dinner was a little early at 5:30, but it fit right in with Woody and Neil's seniors early bird special routine back home.  We do what we can to accommodate the elderly.

After dinner, it is back on the road with another 230 miles to go.  The X6 M is recruited to lead the way as they are sporting a full on radar/laser jamming system.  I guess it works OK - it sure did provide some comfort as we bolted across Indiana and Ohio.

Pulling in to Lexington and our motel at 11:15 we hear rumors that a Vette has had motor problems.  Our immediate reaction is that Danny Popp (he is also driving a very very fast Vette and in 3rd overall) is the one with the problem.  We'll have to wait and see.

What is going on with the Subaru?  When last we heard, the #6 team was having the fix it parts driven from Chicago to St. Louis.  The parts were due to arrive at the track around 5:00 pm.  From there my guess is 2-3 hours of repair and then a long overnight drive to Mid-Ohio.  Ouch!  Stay tuned on this developing story as well.


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