Monday, May 3, 2010

Hallet, OK - Day Four (Part Two)

This brief blog comes to you from under the grandstands at NHRA's Tulsa Raceway Park.  We finished up at Hallet and made the brief 50 miles trip to the drag strip just east of Tulsa, OK.

The results of the afternoon session are in.  Brian asked me to cut 5 seconds off my overall elapsed time.  I gave him 4 seconds which gave us an overall 22nd finishing position.  That is better than the morning by 3 spots.  It moved us down to 18th overall and now tied for first in class with Neil and Woody.  I am very excited even though we lost some positions over the past two days.  Bottom line, I kept us in contention and Brian (the much better driver) takes up the road race chores tomorrow at Gateway.  Neil finished 12th in the afternoon and has moved that team to 15th overall.   My hat is off to them (Neil).

The drag racing is scheduled to commence at 5:00.  This is worth points as well so we need to stay on our game.  We pumped some 104 octane fuel in the car (4 gallons at $8.00/gal) so may be we can pick up a whopping 10th of a second in a 1/4 mile.  When it comes to speed, no cost is to big ;-).

We'll check in later.  Cheers!!!!!

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