Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Day 6 (Part One)

Another quick update!  The morning sessions are going and Brian is a little concerned with the time clocked against Neil.  According to Woody, Neil was 9 seconds faster than Brian over the three laps.  That could be huge.  We'll wait to see the final results.

The Vette story you ask?  Well, there is a missing Vette today.  It is the car of Dan Corcoran.  Appears he was having some issues after Gateway in the transit.  He had stopped at the rest area along with Danny Popp to have a look under the hood.  Things seemed OK.  A mile out of the gate it appears all was not right with the world.  Another check reveals a knock from the lower end of the engine (rod knock).  The assumption is the motor has spun a lower end bearing.  Game over!  It is really to bad as this is Dan Corcoran's last One Lap after running 20 straight years.  He and his son Kyle will be off to compete in the 2011 Targa Newfoundland.  According to Danny, they are renting a car (Camaro GTS) to finish out the event.  Way to go Dan and Kyle!

The Subi?  It is here in Ohio and back to competing.  Another wounded car back in the chase.  Well done gents!

That's all for now - cheers!

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