Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mid-America Motorplex - Day Three (Part Two)

First and foremost fans....I just could not help myself on the photo and Woody came up with the title!!!  Oh sometimes boredom does set in on the OLOA.  It is only Sunday and we are getting a bit punchy.

On to more important updates.  We are on the road with a short leg today from Pacific Junction, IA to Hallet, OK.  500 miles through Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  Brock is slowing down in his old age and planning shorter routes.  Whimp - Sleep is for the WEAK.   As I write this we are approaching Wichita, Kansas.  We have another 200 miles to go which may put us in Hallet in time for a nice/healthy dinner.  This is meat country and we have traveled the past 300 miles by herds of beef on the hoof.  My mouth is watering.  All I need is for Brian to slow down so I can rope one and strap it to the hood - we'd eat like kings tonight.

Today was not such a great day for the ZERO team - at least from a standings point of view.  I ran both sessions and finished 28th in the morning and 32nd in the afternoon.  While I did put in my best effort it dropped us from 12th overall to 17th and from 1st in class to second.  I guess I was not on my "A" game as two years ago I ran 22nd in both events at MAM.  Stuff happens, but the car came off the track in one piece and no limp mode.  Brian and I are doing a great job of managing the RPM's, but keeping the car fast - well, more so on Brian's side than mine ;-).

Woody and Neil are 22nd overall and remain third in class.  They have tightened the gap significantly, but tomorrow is another day.

Have I mentioned the weather?  Probably not because I only mention it when it stinks.  Every year we come out west it is either as cold as an Eskimo's backside and raining or hot as Hades.  We have been blessed with simply awesome weather.  Today was another perfect example.  Low humidity, bright blue sky with large cumulus clouds, and a gentle breeze.  All wrapped around what is the optimum temperature - 72 degrees.  Weather tomorrow is scheduled for the same with may be a slight bump in the mercury.

There were no other dramatic stories from the track today as it appears the teams are settling in to their routines.  Brian and I certainly have as we can pack and unpack the car within about 10 minutes.  Less if pressured.  We are looking forward to a good meal and a full night of sleep.  Tomorrow will be a long day as we have two sessions at Hallet and then the drag race in Tulsa followed by a drive to East St. Louis and Gateway.

For now, I will sign off and report back tomorrow morning on my dinner.


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