Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gateway International Raceway - Day Five (Part Two)

So you want the story on the Subi?  This is a very fast car with absolute insane horse power (I've heard 500+ to the rear wheels tossed around the paddock).  It is running in the top 10 overall and is first in class (Mid-priced Sedan).  In the second run group of the first session this morning the car was launched from the line and as it did you could hear an immediate failure of some sort.  The car lurched off the line and was dying a slow painful death.  The driver, not quite knowing what the issue was carried on through turn one. At this point there is smoke billowing from the left rear and yet the car moves forward.  It is only after several more turns that the driver understands this car is going no where and fast!

After a 20-30 minute delay, the car is flat-bedded off the track.  Upon close examination, the rear axle has snapped and then caused additional suspension failures.  As I write this, the team is searching for replacement parts here in the St. Louis area.  If this were to happen anywhere, this would be the place as it is a major metro area.  It is also early in the day and a Tuesday (really, it's Tuesday?)

Now for the update on our position after the bracket drags.  We gained one spot and are 17th overall.  Neil had a great time in the ET which moved them up to 13th overall.

Mike Renner in the BMW X6 M is right on our tail in 18th.  That is amazing given the X6 M is a 5,300 lb SUV - with a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 producing 555 HP and 500 ft lbs torque.  It is also all wheel drive.  Mike is in a class battle with a stripped out Mazda 5 (that's a mini-van folks) with a Mazda 3 turbo motor.  Go Mike Go!

We are anxiously awaiting the results from the morning run session.  So stay tuned and we'll see if we gained on the old men ;-).

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