Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day Three - Summit Point Motorsports Park

Dear Readers;

Sorry, but I need to make this a short post as I am having more technical difficulty with the power converter in the car.  I think it has to do with too much stuff plugged in - GPS, radar detector, PC, and cell phone chargers.  So here it goes!

First - We arrived in Winchester, VA last night at 12:50 am after traveling 590 miles from Peru, IN.  All in all, not a bad trip and getting 4-1/2 hours of sleep would be welcome.

Next - Woody placed 27th overall in the autocross yesterday afternoon at Grissom Air Force Base.  We were very pleased with this as it commenced our long climb from the cellar where we found ourselves after the wet skid pad.  This is the last time I will mention that stupid event...I promise Woody!

This morning we arrived early at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Point, WV.  It was raining upon our arrival and that was not what I wanted to see as I was scheduled to drive the first session.  Oh well....stuff happens and this "ain't" NASCAR.

About an hour after we unloaded the car and set up camp, friends and family started to arrive.  We were very excited to see everyone, some more so than others (sorry fans, but Suze takes the cake).  It was soon time to line up the front runners and hot shoes on the grid.  The rain had stopped some time before and the track was drying.  There were dark clouds surrounding the track so I opted to grid up sooner hoping to luck out on good conditions and letting the big dogs help dry what little moisture that remained.  Just before heading out, Woody and Dave Flogus stopped by to say that the track was still slippery in spots.....great!!!!!

It was soon my turn and the three hot laps went quickly.....from a standing start 4.33 minutes to be more exact.  Not long after the session was completed the results were posted.  I placed 21st overall.  I am very pleased with the finish and it was good enough to move us up to 40th overall in the standings.  We'll keep chipping away.  Rumor has it that in the afternoon session Woody beat my time which hopefully moves up some more against the field.  We need to make big gains now as later in the week it is very difficult to move up.

Finally - huge shout out to all that came out to see us!!!!!  John and Diane, Neil (we miss you little man), Zach, James, Holland, and Max, Seth and Julie, Mark and Tricia, Steve, Vic, Chuck (thanks for the donuts & OJ), Harley, Al and Tiki, Janeen, Gordon, John H, Debbie, Shannon, Tyler (grill master), Melissa, and last but not least Kay and Suze!!!!

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ThePaul said...

Good seeing you guys out there today. Good luck for the rest of the week!