Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Six - Barber Motorsports Park

WOW...what a day here in central Alabama!  There is not a cloud in the sky and the temps are in the mid 60's.  Camp ZERO is once again set up and we are enjoying the shade after a quick lunch and a few parade laps on Barber Motorsports Park (BMP).  BMP is a beautiful facility.  When we arrived this morning and completed a track walk, I thought I should be pulling out my five iron for a shot in to the green.  This place is immaculate.  Where else would you arrive at a track and the grounds crew is tilling the mulch and planting flowers?  The grass is a variety of golf course quality bent and is perfectly mown.  And if you go off and damage their precious grass, guess what?  They send you a bill.  I kid you not!

I drove the morning session so I was able to get in few extra laps at slower speeds to see where I had screwed up earlier and when it counted.  Dave Miller joined me and we had some fun here and there in the E92 M3.  It may be my car, but the M3 is simply awesome right out of the box.

Before heading out on the noon time parade laps, Joe Drumheller informs me I finished with a 5:35 which places me 28th overall in the morning session.  I am pleased with that result, but know that I could do better with a little more time learning the track.  I have never driven here nor has Woody.  We are both newbies to this circuit, so you have to be a quick study in just one recon lap and then three hot laps.

Woody is suited up and getting ready to head to grid as I write this, so for now I'll sign off.  Woody's time and position next posting!

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