Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Six - Barber Motorsports Park (Part Two)

The results are in from the afternoon session.  Woody's elapsed time was 5:38 which was 33rd fastest for the event.  For the in car competition that puts us tied going in to the last event.  Unfortunately, there are two different tracks at Autobahn Country Club and we are running both.  There is no way to determine the handicap of one over the other, so for this One Lap we'll call it a draw.  Although, I think Woody should be docked one win since he finished 69th in the wet skid pad - JEEEEZZZZZ Woody!

With today's performances we have moved up one spot to 29th overall.  As of now, we have gained 40 spots which included having one DNS (Did Not Start) which was good for zero points.  Not too bad!  May be we'll still another spot tomorrow?

We left Barber at approximately 2:30 and have 670 miles to travel to Joliet, IL.  The GPS currently indicates an arrival time of 11:51 pm.  After fuel stops, comfort stops, and what will surely be a quick choke down dinner my touch down estimate is 12:45 am.

Woody has confirmation that his wallet that he left behind at dinner last night in Meridian, MS will be overnighted to South Bend.  Yes, I failed to report that little oops.  No worries though other than we are cruising along at 85-90 MPH literally as I write this and Woody is behind the wheel with no driver's license.  His response - the trooper will understand, won't he?

I will cut blogging short tonight as the lap top does not have much battery left and I am looking forward to some sleep in the car.  I will post some more photos though.


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