Monday, May 9, 2011

Day Eight - Tire Rack

Well, once again, I am begging for forgiveness on the tardiness of the post.  This was a hard One Lap on me personally as I was not feeling well for all it, nor was Woody for that matter.  Fighting colds was not fun and the constant hack of a cough was extremely tiring.

Where we last left everyone was the Saturday morning dry skid pad event.  The dry skid pad test is the final competition for the 2011 Tire Rack One Lap of America.  The teams are run in reverse order from the last place teams to the front running teams.  As we were 29th going in to the last event, we had a rather long time to wait before our turn came.  But come it did and I was in the drivers seat.

I gridded up and off I went.  Pulling on to the skid pad, I was not sure which gear to stay in - second or third.  I opted for second as it felt right approaching the green flag start.  Whether or not that was the correct selection will never be known, but it again, the torque to the sensitivity on the throttle was perfect.  I ran the car as close to the inner diameter of the skid pad circle in both directions for two laps each.  It was over in the blink of an eye.  When coming off the skid pad, I was approached by Brian Hair who said I pulled over 1 g and was currently in second place.  That was good news. although many of the top teams had left to run.

When all the teams had run, many had run at 1 g and above.  In fact, a new skid pad g had been established.  Where did my effort place me finally - in 14th overall for the event.  It was also an effort that kept us solidly in 29th position in the field.

So, in the final tally, we finished 29th overall out of 75 cars that started.  We are very happy with the result and effort.  Woody and I had a great time and I would not trade the experience once again for anything in the world.  We had some adversity in our run in with our armadillo friend, but we over came it quickly and moved on.  The mechanical escapades from the 2009 One Lap with Woody proved to be a valuable learning experience.  Keeping our cool got us through.

I will post again in the next day or two with statistics of the event.  So please stay tuned.



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