Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Finally Head South!

9:30 pm in Northern Florida:

I'll try to make this short - Robin is driving now and doing a poor sing-along with Elton John.  We had the 335i back to United BMW in Roswell, GA at 7:30 this morning and Todd Wilson, one of their techs immediately set to work trying to determine what is causing our now full-time reduced power (limp home) mode.  Robin will probably give more details later, but by 3:00pm Todd, with a great deal of assistance from Shop Foreman Dave Ballard and another tech, Ed Albers, was only able to determine that the number one turbocharger may be the culprit.  No replacement was available, and they weren't sure about that anyway.  Two different friends in Atlanta had offered me the use of their cars if we wanted to carry on.  We also discussed limping home to Arlington, getting my BMW M Coupe (a 2-seater), and re-joining the One Lap in an "unofficial" capacity on Thursday.  After much deliberation, and the assurances of the professional service people that it would not harm the engine, Robin and I decided to carry on in the event with the crippled Project ZERO BMW.  Having missed the two Sebring time trials, and the two drag-racing events in Gainesville tonight, our 15th position will drop into the 40s.  But we will be able to continue in support of every man that has or will suffer from prostate cancer.  LET'S FIND A CURE!

We have received many phone calls in support of this decision, particularly from Suze and Kay.
Despite our disappointment in not being able to achieve a top 20 finishing position, we have many people to thank for help, offers of help, and advice.  The entire staff of United BMW, including One Lapper Steve Maguire, Jay Chamberlain and Scott Doty from Dinan, Derek Whitis, Jon Czarney, . Jim Conforti, Rafael Garces and Rob Levinson.


mposter said...

Sorry to read about your continuing problems with the car. The task and goal you all have taken is ambitious and arduous enough without having to inherit the additional role imposed by nursing a sick BMW. I sure admire the underlying purpose which motivates and makes you a participant in this event, and I applaud both of you for your stick-to-itibity for such a worthy cause. I will look forward to seeing tomorrow at CMP –

ThePaul said...

You can borrow your old One Lap car if needed as well (though the roll bar is out of it now). Sorry to hear about the car trouble but glad to hear you guys will be soldiering on. I'll pour a bit of Spaten on the curb in sacrifice to the car gods in hope that the problem somehow goes away.