Monday, May 4, 2009

Don't Go Back to Hot-lanta

This status report will be short and sweet as we are exhausted and it is 1:00 am.

Finished 23rd in the morning session with a total 3 lap time of 3:50.346.  Finished 23rd in the afternoon session with a's that for consistency!!!!!  Was good enough to maintain our 15th position over all.  Put us in a tie for 2nd place in class.

We are back in Atlanta and will return to United BMW to see if we can figure out the now constant limp mode.  I have a hope that the new fuel pump is bad and that we can replace it and start toward Gainesville, FL for the drag race event.  Sebring unfortunately is a washout for us.

Stay tuned for an update after we arrive at United tomorrow morning bright and early.


1 comment:

Victor Hall said...

BUMMER! Good luck getting the limp mode fixed guys. Get it hoppin' for DAYTONA!!!!