Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daytona International Speedway - WOW!

What a ride!  Even if I could only muster 120 MPH out of the old girl in limp mode.  The high banked corners are just a hoot and the tri-oval fun too.  I ran in the next to the last group as we are slow, slow.  Not quite in the category of "all remaining cars" though.  What does that mean?  Cars are called to grid all day in order of speed.  Those that are really slow are at the end of the sessions and at some point they just call for all remaining cars...ouch!

This will be short....In case we did not mention this, Woody and I have set up an inter-car competition for the rest of the One Lap.  Today was race one and I drove the morning with Woody in the afternoon.  The results are in....drum roll please.

I took 51st position with a total elapsed time for three laps of 8:15.574.  Woody took 50th position with a total elapsed time for three laps of 8:22.334. After day one....Robin 1, Woody 0.

Tomorrow we drive CMP in Kersaw, SC and Round 2 in the "Battle of Limp Mode".

Enjoy the photos....Woody on grid and at speed (not fast enough though) through the tri-oval.

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Oshanno said...

Hello boys!
i've been following along diligently and felt great sorrow over your car woes. However, I was delighted to see you rally and push on like the troopers i know you to be. I'm torn about pledging my allegiance in the intercar battle...afterall, i loves me some Robinowitz, but feel a natural affinity to the Woodster because of our names. Rest assured, i'll be cheering for you both and hoping you enjoy the rest of the tour.