Sunday, April 4, 2010

Co-Driver Change

Team ZERO is having to unfortunately make a co-driver change. Due to business related conflicts and commitments, Barry Battle has had to withdraw from the 2010 One Lap adventure. I will surely miss his fun loving company and expert driving skills. We make a great team and there is always next year!!!

Brian Hair, a local hot shoe, has joined up and I look forward to the One Lap with him. I have known Brian for quite a few years now and completed the One Lap with his father, Woody Hair, last year. We should make a formidable team in the SSGT1 class. The added fun will be competing against his dad.

Stay tuned as we leave in less than four weeks. The car is going through its final preparations and I will update everyone on that in coming posts.

Cheers and Happy Easter!

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