Sunday, April 26, 2009

Testing - Round Two

Let's just get right to the issues. If you have been keeping up you know of our engine software problems. You also know that Thursday evening was a huge success for the first test of the car and that the Dinan software would undergo its test on Saturday. So picking up the car from Passport BMW late Friday afternoon with the software download completed was a good first step.

Saturday morning came early as I had arranged with Woody to pick him up at 6:15 for the hour and 15 minute drive to Summit Point. As planned we arrive at the track and the all hands meeting at 7:30. Once the meeting is over we wait our turn to speak with NASA's Mid-Atlantic director, Chris Cobetto. As always, Chris is very pleasant and listens to our plight and begging for just one or two track sessions to test the car and the Dinan upgrades. He gives us an okay with the parting words of "don't blow up the motor on the track or I'll be very upset". He'll be upset?

As Woody still has not driven the car at speed, we opt for him to go out in the first session for the test. At 8:20 he is directed off pit lane and headed for his warm up lap. After completing the warm up, he passes by several more times and still at a rapid pace. It appears round two testing is a success. But just to make sure, I climb in the car approximately an hour and 30 minutes later and go out for another 5 lap session. I thrash the car rather hard and return to pit lane feeling very good about the testing and the results. Woody and I look at each other with a great sense of relief that the engine problems have been resolved (knock on wood everyone, please!!!).

As we are hanging around the paddock talking to friends and watching some of the other on track activities another 2 hours pass. I look at Woody and say, we're here, let's go around one more time just for a final, final check. Having packed the car to head home, we unpack it and I strap in for a session with the Time Trialers. Again, I only complete 4-5 laps, but there are no issues and I have pushed the car extremely hard. With this, we again feel very good about the car. We then pack up, wish the RRT boys good luck in the weekend NASA races, say our good-byes, and head back to Arlington.

I will call Passport on Monday to give them the great news and on Wednesday will run out their way to see them for a personal THANKS!!!! Could not have done it without them and Dinan. Again, THANKS gents as we have a GO FOR LAUNCH!!!!

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