Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Lap Preparations

Deja vu has hit the 2009 Drive to End Prostate Cancer team. That is we are experiencing engine malfunctions and reduced power with the BMW twin turbos just as we did last year. Two weeks ago, we had the car at Summit Point for a track day. A test and tune if you will with some seat time for Woody. As it turned out, neither us saw much seat time as the car went in to limp mode almost continuously.

So what has transpired since? Well, the car has made its way to Passport BMW of Marlow Heights, MD which also happens to be a Dinan dealer. As the car has upgraded ECU Dinan goodies, we thought it best to get it in the hands of the two powers that be for a diagnosis.

It was a smart move as both Passport BMW and Dinan have worked hard to clear the cobwebs out of the ECU and re-install the cars software to the stock configuration. The car is back in our hands as of today and tomorrow we are planning on returning to Summit Point with RRT (Road Race Technologies) for a test and tune. If all goes well the car will not have any faults at which point we'll return to Passport BMW and have the Dinan "go-faster" software reloaded. And just to cover ourselves, we'll return to Summit Point on Saturday to test the car again and hopefully for the last time before departing next week. HUGE THANKS to Passport BMW and Dinan for all the support we have been given and continue to receive in sorting out the issues.

Unlike last year though, we have had three weeks to work the problem before departing for South Bend. If folks remember, last year we had this issue the day before we left for the One Lap of America event. I am remaining positive that all the effort put in to solving the issues will finally bear fruit and produce a faultless run.

Of course, all this has put us behind in preparing the car for the "normal" wear and tear items. Fresh One Lap branded tires to be mounted, new brake pads and rotors, oil change, the list goes on.

Stay tuned as we'll post how the test goes tomorrow.

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