Friday, April 29, 2011

Waking Up in South Bend

Woody and I just awoke from a pleasant slumber here at the Quality Inn in South Bend, IN.  I repeat this every year, but this place never seems to change.  The exceptions being the beer smell is slightly more pronounced and there are a few more spill stains in the carpet.  Win or lose, those Fighting Irish know how to party!

Our big 2011 One Lap adventure started yesterday morning with our first stop a link up with other One Lappers (Brian Hair, Greg Lindsey, and Dave Miller) from the DC Metro area at the scenic overlook at Frederick, MD.  Brian drove solo to South Bend as he would be hooking up with his co-driver who was making his way up from Atlanta.  The weather as we left Arlington was cloudy, but not raining.  We were only a few miles up I-270 before it started to rain heavily and the storms that were just missing Arlington were passing overhead.  But in what we hope is a good omen for the remainder of the trip, the rain stopped as we were pulling in to the scenic overlook.

The rest of the 605 mile trip was uneventful which is how we like it.  As we headed west we drove in and out of small rain showers and watched the mercury steadily drop (72 when we left home and 42 at the Quality Inn parking lot).  The group stopped for lunch at the Beer Kettle south of Cleveland where Megan was pleasant and served up a great lunch.

As we arrived in South Bend and passed the golden dome of Notre Dame I went in search of a drug store for meds to fight a burgeoning cold while the others stopped to pick up a six pack or two.  Finding a Walgreens and the meds I needed, I made my way back to the motel.  Pulling in there were a few One Lappers there and also checking in.  Not feeling that well, I grabbed the room key and made off to unpack the essentials

Not long after, our small caravan came to our room where we ordered pizza and had a beer or two.  The crew left for the bar while I popped a few drugs and went to sleep.

Hello South Bend.......more to come after tech inspection and registration today!!!!!

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