Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've Got Those Limp Home Mode Blues!!

Say it ain't so Batman.  That's right boy wonder, your car is at the BMW dealer where it has been for almost two weeks while they work out lord knows what?!

It all started about 3-1/2 weeks ago when the new and I mean brand new 4,000 miles to date M3 went in to limp mode while backing out of the driveway.  While I like to engage in a spirited start to my day and the drive to work, it does not include throwing the car in to reverse and smoking the tires out of the drive.  So naturally it was a call to the dealer and an appointment with the BMW techs.

The car has been with the techs now for just under two weeks where they are in daily communications with the M Group wizards in Germany working through replacement parts.  Seems the issues are centered around the idle air control valve and the number one bank of cylinders.  They have replaced three components at this point and have the car once again under "testing" which involves nothing more than going out and cranking it up after a cold night.  After starting her up, they see what happens after a brief cruise around the block.  The daily ritual involves a repeated crank in the afternoon after the car has completely cooled off.  Day two progress report card came through with flying colors.  Day three always seems to bring the unhappy news it seems though, so I will light a candle to the Gods and stand on my head as that is a trick I have not yet attempted to cure those limp home mode blues.

I am confident that BMW will eventually fix whatever the issue is...it's that or a new car in my book!  Anyway, when I last wrote, Woody and I were looking forward to our testing days at Virginia International Raceway with the M3.  That weekend has now come and gone as of a few days ago and obviously without the M3.  So, now we'll wait for  an autocross event on March 19th and then a track day at Summit Point in mid-April to get in some testing.  I am looking at this as the glass is half full and that BMW will be able to sort out the issues by those dates.

So in closing, I ask that everyone remain calm and light candles to the Gods in concert with me.  I've determined that if we all participate in a nod to the pantheon of petrol guzzlers, we're bound to wake up from this nightmare!


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Dave Flogaus said...

Not limp mode again! Hope they get on top of it soon.